My life's journey begins from a place of curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge.
It could be that a willingness to discover the unknown "self" is, in fact, a willingness to discover the shadowed parts of the "self".
Perhaps the shadow is, in and of itself, the epitome of cognizance... It depicts the genuine STEM-"SELF", not yet touched but culture, society or gender.
Usually, the shadow exists in spaces where one is not yet present. Thus, it might be that the shadow does not follow but rather it precedes.
Perhaps the shadow's presence in spaces where one is absent brightens the spaces which one can extend to. Therefore, the shadow could be a place of light and competence, rather than a place of doubt and darkness. 
Sometimes the shadow is present in several places simultaneously, just as a thought may diverge and wander to vacate several spaces of consciousness in the span of a moment.
The meeting of the self and its shadow is the moment when the seeing "self" meets seen "self"; both are enlightening one another and both are awakening each other. 
There is no "self" shadow without the "self"…so perhaps one should mind one's shadow as it represents an undiscovered part of the "self".