Guided contemplative movement for Integrative Rehabilitation Practice: The Foundations of Whole-Person Care

The nine movement explorations presented here serve as an invitation to dive in and experience yourself or parts of yourself through movement. These experientials may help deepen your movement awareness and coordination by zooming in on kinetic chains, senses, rhythms, emotions, and thoughts. 

Perceiving movement through this lens provides an opportunity to widen our perspective into our movement's Function and Expression; how Stability and Mobility interact, and how movement brings Inner awareness and connection to the Outer world. Each experiential activity is a complete movement sequence and can be explored as one/whole piece. 

If you would like to experience them as a continuum in developmental progression, we can suggest/ share with you our offer for movement exploration. 

  1. rotation through self touch 
  2. lateral shake in supine 
  3. variations on lateral pelvic shift with stepping 
  4. falling self - pushing self 
  5. lateral shake in standing 
  6. a sensory twist 
  7. cross-lateral roll on the wall 
  8. transition from sitting to standing using bodyhalf connectivity 
  9. extending the kinesphere

Rotation through self touch

Lateral shake in supine

Variations on lateral pelvic-shift with stepping

Falling self pushing self

Lateral shake in standing

A sensory twist

Cross lateral roll on the wall

Transition from sitting to standing using bodyhalf connectivity

Extending the kinesphere